Patented Ergonomic Design
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Patented Ergonomic Design

The Pykmax picking system includes three parts:  Pykmax Body; Hinged Connector; and a Pykmax Plectrum.   Ordinary flat picks are held tightly between the thumb and index finger.  The Pykmax Body was engineered to conform precisely to the anatomy of your hand.  The picking force thus covers a wide area of the hand rather than just the tips of the fingers.  This gives the player more control, precision, comfort and speed.

Recommended for players of all levels and styles

Any player can easily learn how to use Pykmax.   Even if you can’t hold a regular guitar pick very well, you can be proficient with Pykmax with a minimal amount of effort and time.  Advanced players will find a variety of techniques that are easier and more enjoyable to perform with Pykmax.  Many players have reported that training with Pykmax improves their picking technique even with their ordinary guitar picks.

Modest one time investment

For less than the cost of a quality capo, you can invest in the Pykmax system.  All Pykmax guitar picks comes with a Pykmax body, connector and a starter pick.   Replacement picks are available in a variety of gauges and include round tip and sharp tip styles.

Amazon 5 Stars Reviews

“Improved my playing 200%” 1mile2High

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The standard product includes one Pykmax body and one pick.
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Pykmax is currently only available in a right-handed model. We plan to offer a left-handed model in the future.
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Most musicians are able to begin playing with Pykmax almost immediately. While it may take some time to fully get used to playing with Pykmax, you will appreciate the difference almost immediately.
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Yes. Replacement picks are available in packs of 5
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For beginners, Pykmax is much easier to use than a standard guitar pick. Many guitar instructors recommend Pykmax as their students tend to enjoy playing more and thus practice longer.
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Please send an email to SALES@PYKMAX.COM and we will get in touch with you.
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Yes. Please contact us at sales@pykmax.com

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